Fall League powered by Top Tracer

Available to all interested golfers:

October 2 – October 30 (Wednesday Nights 6 – 8 pm)
League play is Wednesday nights starting October 2. Tee times will be a “shotgun” start at 6 pm. Every player will play the same course each week. We will rotate the courses every week. We will be using IMAgolfer to manage the league, such as who is playing who and what course.

League Cost:
$10.00 per person (medium bucket) per league night
A one time payment of $50.00 per person for cash payout. The payment is due before or on October 2.
Based on 15 teams (30 players x 50), the prize money is $1500.
First: $500
Second: $350
Third: $150
Fourth – Eighth: $100

During the league matches, each team will consists of two players, an “A” player and a “B” player. Each team match will consist of two individual best ball matches (A vs A, B vs B) that are worth nine points each. Each hole is worth one point and winning the match is two points. Ties will split the points. Teams will accumulate points during each week, with the final ranking based on total league points. Any ties at the end of the league, will be settled in three hole playoff.

Since we are a new league, we will use TGA, GHIN or by an average score estimate. Handicaps will be
calculated using your best five scores out of your last 10 rounds and we will use 80% of that average.

It is your responsibility to find a sub any weeks you cannot make it. Any subs that play must have either an established league handicap, or TGA /USGA handicap in order to get strokes. Subs will play at 50% of their handicap. The exception to this rule will be teams that sign up as a three-person team in which all three members will receive a league handicap and play at the normal 80%.

Always assume we are playing. We will make a decision by 2:30 and send an email out at the time. We will play from the Yellow tees.