Family Reunions

Family reunions are tradition in the South. Golf and Games Family Park understands the importance of reuniting and catching up with family. What better place to do that than family-friendly Golf and Games Family Park.

Picnic Times:
Monday – Saturday: 10 am – 4 pm
Sunday: 1 pm – 6 pm
We can customize times to fit the needs of your family reunion.

All family reunions include:

  • Picnic Pavilion
  • 2 Hours of complimentary fountain drinks at Pavilion during meal
  • Unlimited Miniature Golf
  • Unlimited Bumper Boats
  • Unlimited Batting Cages (in reserved cages)
  • Unlimited Funtrak & Funland
  • Unlimited Go-Karts from 1 pm – 6 pm (may take 2 rides before 1 pm)
  • $5.00 in Game Room Value
  • For dthe adults after hours there will be a casino online gaming from that has the best online games like the roulette online for you to enjoy, you can play for fun or try some luck.


What does it take to reserve my date?
Once we have your down payment and Picnic Agreement in hand, we consider your picnic booked, and we guarantee you a pavilion on the date you have requested. We are not able to reserve back-up or “rain” dates.
When will I know what pavilion I am in?
We have five pavilions located throughout the property, each with its own capacity level and each with its own unique advantages. Because of this, we do not guarantee a particular pavilion to any particular group, but we can certainly take requests and do everything we can to meet your request. What we can say is that your pavilion will be large enough to entertain your family reunion.
Is my down payment refundable?
Your down payment is what Golf and Games Family Park uses to hold your date, to the exclusion of others. The down payment is non-refundable, but if you have to cancel or postpone your picnic, we will keep your deposit and allow you to apply it to a second future date sometime within the next 12 months, if you choose to do so.
What if it rains?
If your family reunion is threatened by rain, we must have at least 24 hours notice so we can contact the caterer (if we are arranging), vendors, and our staff. We can then look at available dates to reschedule the picnic. Seldom does it rain enough to wipe out an entire day’s worth of events. As soon as the rain clears, practically all our activities are immediately available, and Go-Karts are ready just as quickly as we can dry the track, usually 45 minutes or less. We also have several indoor activities your guests can take advantage of. However, if there is sufficient rain to warrant rain checks, they will be issued to the family reunion upon payment of the invoice.
I have some senior citizens. Some people just want to eat and leave. Does everyone have to get a wristband?
The picnic package wristband does more than just give you access to rides in the park. It also serves as your ticket to activities in your pavilion area. More importantly, it allows you access to your pavilion area. The majority of our costs are tied into the use of the pavilion, so if we allowed a picnic of say, 500 people to only use 100 wristbands, we wouldn’t be able to host picnics for very long, without charging exorbitant fees for pavilion use. Charging a per person usage price is the most equitable and affordable way we can offer our picnic area to groups. The way we determine attendance is by the number of wristbands distributed. Therefore, we do require all of our guests to wear one. It also allows us to ensure you that your pavilion stays private to your family reunion.
Can we do our own clean up?
We pride ourselves on our cleanliness, and on making sure you don’t have to lift a finger. The clean up fee allows us to provide continual clean up of your area for your comfort, enjoyment, and relaxation.
Can we start our picnic earlier?
If you need earlier access to your picnic area, we can usually arrange that. The activities in the park will be available during the normal picnic time.
Can we have alcohol at our picnic?
We have no license to serve alcohol or make arrangements for alcohol. But if you want to bring alcohol in, you can do so, provided the following:
  • You inform us in advance that you wish to bring alcohol to your picnic.
  • It is mandatory that you pay $20 per hour for our in-house security guard to be in attendance during your picnic, from the time you break out the alcohol to the end of your scheduled time.
  • Keep the alcohol in your pavilion at all times.
  • You inform your group of the policies governing alcohol use at the park.

Our security guard is there to ensure that the alcohol does stay in the pavilion and to ensure that should someone become inebriated, they are not in a position to hurt themselves or others (may not be allowed on some rides or in some areas). If necessary, he will expel unruly or uncooperative patrons from the premises. No refunds will be given in the event that our security guard has to expel a customer from the park for alcohol-related reasons.

How do we go about getting our guests their wristbands?
We actually provide employees that will put wristbands on your guests as they come into the park. We can be very flexible about how to check in your guests. Most family reunions provide us with a check-in list with certain guidelines to follow, or keep a group representative near the check-in area in case there are any questions, or a combination of both. Our employees can hand out prize drawing tickets or other items for you, provided we know about it in advance.
When do we pay?
Payment is due the day of the picnic, check-in ends at 2:30 pm. NO CHECKS. We accept American Express, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Cash, Cashier’s Check, Money Order.